Surgery Instructions: What You Need to Know Before and After Surgery


Having any surgery may cause anxiety and should not be done without careful planning and thought. It is our goal to provide our patients with as much information and preparation as possible. It is my belief that a well informed patient will have the fewest problems and the best surgical result and experience. These are my opinions and I have tried to base them on proven practices and my experience. Opinions may or may not be the same as the Surgeon you may see, and I would always defer to the opinion of a Surgeon who has examined you. Plastic Surgery is an Art, based in science, just as masterpieces are created differently by different Artists. (clicking on the blue underline link will send you to the next page)

I) Anesthesia

How to Heal Faster

General Wound care Instructions

IV) Pre and Post Procedure Surgical Instructions For Specific Procedures

V) Pre and Post Skin Care Instructions